iPolitics Misleads Canadians Again


Via Email from the CSSA

iPolitics misleads Canadians again, starting with the headline “Handgun ownership soared after long-gun registry ended, gun crime followed.”[i]

Handgun ownership did not “soar” after the long gun registry ended. Canadians have purchased more restricted firearms (handguns and certain rifles) every year and have done so since at least 2003.[ii]

This headline implies increased lawful ownership of firearms is the cause of violent crime. No such causation exists as researcher Dr. Caillin Langmann showed in his submission[iii] to the House of Commons committee studying Bill C-71.

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The Canadian firearms community is ambushed –– again!


Via Email from the CSSA

This was a more-than-interesting week. We saw the most amazing of deflections by veteran Mayor John Tory, who turned the public’s gaze away from his impotent efforts to control gang crime while firmly locking the media’s sights upon the innocent legal firearm owners of Canada.

We saw federal politicians dive for cover. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale mumbled something about, “we’ll look into it (gun banning).” The other parties seemingly kept their powder dry as they waited for the news cycle to complete. Meanwhile, the rest of the country mourned the injury of 13 innocents and the tragic loss of two beautiful young ladies, sparkling with potential, at the hands of a madman with an illegal gun.

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The CCFR & Wild TV Come to International Shooting Supplies Ltd!

Hello Everyone!

Big news!! We are having a special event on Friday July 27th from 4pm to 8pm. We will have the crew from the CCFR’s Canada Downrange (TV show) filming a reality episode in our store. Rod Giltaca from the CCFR will be working the counter and you’re invited to come. We will also have some surprise special deals for you when you get here. So bring your consignment firearm, take advantage of our specials or come down to meet Rod (and possibly be on TV)!

The store will be open regular hours on the 27Th. If you want to visit the store and don’t want to appear on television, we will ensure you won’t.

About the show:

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights is filming the first show focusing on target and sport shooting in Canadian broadcast history. The show will air, nationwide on WildTV this October.

Hope to see you Friday!

The Management & Staff

International Shooting Supplies Ltd.