Save the Children – Give Them Guns


By Scott Carpenter


I wrote this piece back in 2001 for Martin Masse’s Le Quebecois Libre. I have left it unedited – although there are a few things I would change today I don’t think I knew just how relevant it would be to today’s society ‘way back then’.  

I was 11 years old when my parents gave me my first real firearm. It was a Lakefield Mark II .22 caliber repeater that I still own. It’s killed a lot of squirrels and grouse in the last seventeen years and in the process I’m convinced that it — with a little help from my father — saved my life.

Of course, it never downed a charging grizzly or wounded a marauding thief. Nope. All it did was keep dad and I busy on the weekends filling the freezer with grouse and slaying errant pop cans. But those activities coupled with the sense of responsibility the ownership of such a tool entailed were enough to keep me out of a lot of trouble that other kids — mostly friends of mine — seemed to have an easy time finding.

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SHOT Show Sale

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Here are a few specials for you to go along with SHOT show this year.

The AE 223 and PMags will be listed online at their discounted prices. The firearms and optics will be listed at retail and discounted at the till when processed (we process credit cards in store – the online system reserves product and sends us your contact information but does not process your card until we take your order to the till physically). There are simply too many of those items for us to manually flip everything on our old web site the morning of the sale as each item has to be done individually. A new web site is in the works that will work more efficiently.

As always – we appreciate your business!