Aimpoint Micro S-1 For Shotguns Now Available in the US


By Frank K. via

For the last few years, rifles and handguns have had all the optics development love. With a veritable plethora of magnified options for rifles and the explosion of small red-dots on handguns, shotguns have seen little movement – if only because of institutional inertia against optics on scatterguns. From personal experience, even having a semi-auto shotgun at the local range gets demeaning looks from the OWG’s.

Add a 3-gun tube and optic? They recoil in horror and call your shots “cheating.”


Seeing this as a status quo that has long lost its status is Aimpoint, who is shipping the previously announced Micro S-1 optic. Designed to get as low profile as absolutely possible, the S-1 interfaces with common mounting ribs getting the dot in a comfortable place for most shooters – with just a hair of chin weld for those who like getting low on the guns. Various adapter plates are included for the popular range of rib sizes.

Read the complete article here.

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