CCFR Women’s Program Fundraising Calendar


Via the CCFR

It is finally here! The 2018 CCFR Gunnie Girl Calendar!

On our cover we are featuring this year’s face of the Women’s Program – Yolanda Bouzane, Alberta/Saskatchewan Regional Field Officer Coordinator.

This year’s calendar highlights and promotes some of our amazing CCFR women with beautiful, tasteful and stunning photos of them and their favourite firearms. The funds raised from this year’s calendar will be going right back into the women’s program and the possibilities are endless. Thank you to the all sponsors and to the ladies who made this project possible and a special thanks to you for buying a calendar and helping to bring more women into the sport.

Prize give-aways will be done every couple of weeks to those who register their calendars. Prizing ranges from range bags, ear pro, gift cards, gas cards, Scentsy baskets-you name it, we’ve got it!!

Calendars are available now for $19.95 at the CCFR on-line store visit: GET YOUR CALENDAR HERE

Make sure to register your numbered calendar for bi-weekly giveaways at: REGISTER MY CALENDAR

“I feel very fortunate to be the face of the ‘CCFR Gunnie Girl’ calendar this year. It was a great project to be a part of, and to meet and work with so many amazing women within the CCFR was fabulous!” said Yolanda from her home in Alberta. “Introducing new people to the sport, educating them on it’s safety, showing them how much fun it is, these are all big passions of mine. My hope is to have women, children and men all feel comfortable and safe when shooting at the range.”

“As VP for Women’s Programming I am honoured and privileged to be working along side hundreds of dedicated CCFR individuals who are fighting for your rights as gun owners. The CCFR understands the need to actively bring more ladies into our shooting sport so that it can progress and grow and this why we are the only firearm rights organization that has a women’s division”, said Kelly Wheaton from Ontario, “This year’s CCFR Gunnie Girl calendar is the division’s major fundraiser and all proceeds will go directly back into the women’s programs. Our goal in 2018 is to have more ladies’ events, more programs, and get more ladies out to the range by enthusiastically educating them about the fact that shooting is a safe and enjoyable hobby. Thank you to everyone who was involved in bringing this amazing project to life and watch for all of the exciting things that will be happening in 2018 for CCFR.”

**some retailers will be carrying the calendar in store!

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