Charter Rights are for Gun Owners too


One gunnies journey into the confusing realm of Canadian firearms regulations and the officers tasked with enforcing them … proof positive that education is the key.

Via the CCFR

Recently, CCFR member and Canadian gunnie Tyler Johnstone contacted the CCFR to update us on an ongoing legal issue arising out of the use of his PAL as ID during a traffic stop in Vancouver, BC. We’ve been following Tyler’s story from the start and wanted to share it with you. In this story you will see how a simple event like using your PAL for ID can cause a ripple effect of issues. You will also learn how having an understanding of the regulations, laws and your rights can make a bad situation into a big win for the little guy. Law Enforcement agencies have a duty to enforce and follow the law, but as with all humans – we’re exactly that, human. Mistakes are made and it’s impossible for any officer to memorize and understand every single law on the books. With education, experience and everyday guys like Tyler sharing his story, we will get closer to an ideal, fair and functioning legal system.

Tyler joined CCFR President Rod Giltaca on CCFR Radio Podcast to discuss his ordeal, listen here: CCFR Radio interview, Rod & Tyler

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Fort Casey

The Big 10″ Guns Mounted on Disappearing Carriages at Fort Casey in Washington State.

L1020690 (1)

This is one of my favorite places for a day with the family during the summer. The guns are awesome and so are the views. An incredible place for a picnic.