CBC Gun Control Expert says Bill C-71 is a Gun Registry


Via email from the CSSA

After Justin Trudeau and Ralph Goodale went to extreme lengths to assure gun owners that Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, is not –– repeat not –– a gun registry, it seems not everyone got the memo.

Francis Langlois, the CBC’s self-described “gun control expert,” shot down the government’s claim about Bill C-71.

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SPECIAL REPORT – Bill C-71 Another Liberal Betrayal of Canadians


Via Email from the CSSA

Bill C-71 has been introduced and the CSSA was there. We have had a chance to run through many of the provisions of this bill and the bill contains more pitfalls than initial examination makes apparent.

Firstly, this is not a good bill for Canada’s firearms owners. In fact, it stinks. Many of the provisions turn the future of firearms ownership from uphill to downhill. This bill is insidious, enabling traps and entanglements for future users.

The following are some of our observations. They are by no means complete. Items will also be added as the tangles unravel.

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