Show Us Your Game! Contest Winners!!


We had an absolute pile of awesome submissions this year. It’s been really tough to pick winners so we’re going a bit further with this than we normally do. We’ve got 1st through 3rd place prizes as well as 3 honorable mentions (would like to do more but there’s only so much stuff to go around). We’ll be contacting all of you using the same vehicle by which you submitted the pics. Thanks to everyone who participated this season – I can hardly wait for the next one!

Here they are:

1st Place – Great color, light and perspective. This one made me home sick and won you first place. Nice job.


2nd Place – I wish I could have made two first place categories. This is just a beautiful photo with perfect detail and contrast. Alas, there could only be one so I put this one in second place. The only thing it’s missing is the hunter.


3rd Place – another photo with great perspective, detail and contrast. I hope the hunt was as awesome as the mood it conveys.


Honorable Mentions:

In the “that’s one hell of a blacktail” category:


In the “It’s more than just a hunt – it’s a way of life” category:

Mountain Rack

In the “What a cranker!! Now, how the hell do we get it out of here??” category:


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