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Why a Blog?

I get asked frequently, “Why aren’t you on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc etc etc”?

I don’t partake for a few different reasons. First off I won’t support companies like Facebook because I don’t like what they do. Most companies like them have their own political agendas and people often post there under the mistaken impression that they own their pages and content. They don’t. The social media platform does. That being said companies like Facebook have a right to do what they want with the content posted on their pages. And I have a right to not post there. So I don’t. It’s that simple.

Plus the beauty of a blog  (I’ve been blogging for the better part of two decades – back before it was called blogging) is its flexibility.

A company website that sells product is great but it is a poor system for communicating with friends, customers and industry partners. Not everything we do is about getting a sale. A blog offers all of us, myself included, an opportunity to swap stories, experiences, news, events, and product information in a way that most other platforms cannot facilitate.

Plus it’s fun. And what’s the point in any of this if it isn’t at least a little bit fun?

Nuff said.

Let’s blog.

Before we get started there are a few ground rules:

I believe one hundred percent in the God-given right of every man and woman to exercise freedom of speech. However, this blog is my property. It is not my responsibility to provide you with a platform to exercise that right. If I think you are being generally obnoxious I will ban you.

I encourage you to post pics. For what it is worth the site is PG14 rated. It is still related and linked to my business so bear that in mind.

I’ll try to post industry news, political and technical pieces, stories, photos, and videos daily. My Namibia hunt will be posted here too. Plus I got a goat draw for the fall. It will be a great hunt. Hopefully, my marriage will survive it….

Update October 25th, 2017:

Blog traffic has been growing nice and steady since we started but I am being told over and over and over again we can grow even more if I’d just give in and do it.

So I have cratered to peer pressure. My staff have convinced me to open up a Fakebook page to drive even more traffic to the blog. I have to go take a shower in Holy water now… excuse me….