RELOADING FOR THE .577-450 Martini Henry

By Branko Diklitch

The Martini Henry was the first purpose built cartridge breech loading rifle adopted by the British Army.  It replaced the cartridge conversion Snider Enfield rifle starting in 1871 and went on to become the rifle most people would associate with the Victorian era British Army.  After the imperial army was re-equipped, the Martini Henry came to be used by the Volunteers and Militia throughout the Commonwealth.  In Canada the Martini Henry never replaced the Snider Enfield but did see limited use, and that is why the Martini-Henry should be considered an iconic Canadian rifle


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May “Spring Cleaning” Optics Clearance Event!!



Here’s how it works:

Everything listed in this post is limited quantity. That means first come first serve. Most of the pieces listed here are display models so are available as one-offs only. They will be labeled either ‘NIB’ (New In Box) or ‘Display’. All sales are final. Shipping is included in the price but applicable taxes are not. Offers are valid until items are sold or until the end of May, 2018.

I will add new pieces as time permits throughout the month as I dig through our inventory and decide what has to go.

Check back regularly as this post will change weekly and sometimes daily.

First Up:


Leupold VX-3 4.5-14×40 Matte w/ B&C Reticle

Display Model

Regular $1079.99

Spring Cleaning Price: $785.00 Plus tax shipped anywhere in Canada


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