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Ottawa, March 20, 2018

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The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights was on Parliament Hill for the tabling of the federal Liberal government’s new firearm legislation, Bill C-71 and attended the Minister’s technical briefing.

Minister Goodale met with stakeholders and experts from across the country weeks ago at the Summit on Gun & Gang Violence to look at ways to combat the ever-growing issue of gang crime plaguing our nation. While we support the Minister’s efforts to look at the actual public safety risks of gang violence, we are left wondering why this bill literally only affects Canada’s most vetted, proven-safe citizens, legal firearms owners.


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Ottawa’s National Summit on Guns, Gangs and Drugs


Via email from the CSSA

When Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced his Criminal Guns and Gangs Summit late last year, it was part of his $328 million funding announcement aimed at combating the illegal drug trade and the gangs who shoot up our city streets to protect that trade.

We said then, if Goodale targets drug dealers and violent criminals, fantastic. If his plan is to disarm violent criminals in those gangs, even better. The problem we face is this –– Ottawa and police forces across the nation continue to peddle the lie “the majority” of guns used in crime are “domestically sourced.”

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