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The Liberal government sent out a desperate mass fundraising e-mail to Canadians this weekend,

stating that The Tories are “taking orders from Canada’s NRA”.

With the introduction of Bill C-71 on the heels of a Summit on Gun & Gang Violence, gun owners across the country have reacted in a massive wave of disapproval, calling, writing letters and signing a parliamentary E-petition that has almost 60 000 signatures at the time of this post. This outcry by bewildered gun owners should have been expected, considering Bill C-71 has literally NO measures to combat crime or the rising gang problem addressed at the Minister’s own Summit.

As a result the e-mail below was distributed to their mailing list:


CBC Gun Control Expert says Bill C-71 is a Gun Registry


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After Justin Trudeau and Ralph Goodale went to extreme lengths to assure gun owners that Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, is not –– repeat not –– a gun registry, it seems not everyone got the memo.

Francis Langlois, the CBC’s self-described “gun control expert,” shot down the government’s claim about Bill C-71.

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SPECIAL REPORT – Bill C-71 Another Liberal Betrayal of Canadians


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Bill C-71 has been introduced and the CSSA was there. We have had a chance to run through many of the provisions of this bill and the bill contains more pitfalls than initial examination makes apparent.

Firstly, this is not a good bill for Canada’s firearms owners. In fact, it stinks. Many of the provisions turn the future of firearms ownership from uphill to downhill. This bill is insidious, enabling traps and entanglements for future users.

The following are some of our observations. They are by no means complete. Items will also be added as the tangles unravel.

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Environics Poll regarding a ban of Semi-Automatic Firearms is BUNK


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On March 9, 2018, the day after Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s National Guns and Gangs Summit, anti-gun lobby group PolySeSouvient released “proof” 63% of Canadian gun owners support banning semi-automatic firearms. In reality, anti-gun polling firm Environics delivered the lie their client paid for: “a majority of firearm owners” support banning guns.

The Environics survey shows only 159 of 1,510 total poll respondents own firearms. Of those 159 self-identified gun owners, 131 supported a gun ban (33 “somewhat agree”, 98 “strongly agree”).

On March 9 & 10, the CSSA polled our membership, subscribers to our weekly CSSA E-News and firearms owners on Facebook. We asked a simple, Yes or No question.

Do you support a ban on semi-automatic firearms?

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As strange as it seems, the gun debate in Canada is once again ignited by a mass shooting in another country. Many with a limited understanding of the topic can hardly delay themselves from scrambling to the top of the highest peak to wave a bloody shirt and wag a finger at millions who did nothing to influence this horrid event. It is the epitome of disingenuous and self-serving behavior. The idea is always the same: leverage the unimaginable suffering of families and victims to either elevate one’s self esteem or promote ill-informed policies while mitigating any real scrutiny on those policies.





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Feb 6, 2018

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) is expanding on its previous successes, and in the ongoing support of its projects in 2018 the CCFR has increased its staff in a very exciting way.
Notably, in serving our members in 2017 the organization released over $100,000 worth of shareable media assets, attended over 40 community events and expanded the information reference site The CCFR also launched a widely popular podcast and interviewed the Conservative Party Leadership candidates , featuring original discussions with Maxime Bernier and Party Leader Andrew Scheer. 2018 promises to be even more exciting.

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Media continues to push the lie that “most crime guns are domestically sourced”


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On January 13, 2018, a bullet fired from a drug dealer’s gun ended 15-year-old Alfred Wong’s life. He died in the back seat of his parents’ vehicle as it traveled down Broadway near Ontario Street, another tragic victim of Vancouver’s ongoing drug trade turf wars.

Our hearts, prayers and condolences go out to Alfred Wong’s family as they cope with the death of their son and the horror now permanently etched on their hearts.

The Province reports known drug dealer Kevin Whiteside, the intended target, has prior firearms convictions and a court-ordered lifetime firearms prohibition order registered against him. On the day he died, Whiteside violated that firearms prohibition order, shooting back at his own killer.

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What Can Brian Tracy Teach Us About Evidence-Based Firearm Policy?


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Any road to sound government policy must be paved with evidence. For rational decisions to be made, the road to policy must be built on the bedrock of fact. Otherwise, policy built on the quicksand of fantasy can never achieve its desired outcome.

Before we can develop effective national firearms policy, we must define our goal (specify with precision what constitutes success) before we construct the detailed roadmap required to achieve that success.

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Media FAIL: The Responsibility to Tell the Truth


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What is an “assault rifle?”

According to the lamestream media, it’s any black rifle in civilian hands. 

Civilian firearms are particularly heinous when their cosmetic exterior mimics the AR-15 or AK-47, even if they shoot .22LR calibre bullets and share no physical components with those rifles.

The media asserts police are the experts when it comes to firearms.Taking them at their word, we turn to acknowledged firearm expert David Brown. Brown is a firearms safety specialist and professional instructor. He works primarily with government agencies, law enforcement officers and military units on weapons handling, safety and marksmanship.

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Charter Rights are for Gun Owners too


One gunnies journey into the confusing realm of Canadian firearms regulations and the officers tasked with enforcing them … proof positive that education is the key.

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Recently, CCFR member and Canadian gunnie Tyler Johnstone contacted the CCFR to update us on an ongoing legal issue arising out of the use of his PAL as ID during a traffic stop in Vancouver, BC. We’ve been following Tyler’s story from the start and wanted to share it with you. In this story you will see how a simple event like using your PAL for ID can cause a ripple effect of issues. You will also learn how having an understanding of the regulations, laws and your rights can make a bad situation into a big win for the little guy. Law Enforcement agencies have a duty to enforce and follow the law, but as with all humans – we’re exactly that, human. Mistakes are made and it’s impossible for any officer to memorize and understand every single law on the books. With education, experience and everyday guys like Tyler sharing his story, we will get closer to an ideal, fair and functioning legal system.

Tyler joined CCFR President Rod Giltaca on CCFR Radio Podcast to discuss his ordeal, listen here: CCFR Radio interview, Rod & Tyler

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