CCFR Leading in Women’s Programs


Via the CCFR

Women have long had a quiet, less visible presence in the firearms community. While women lead the industry in growth, both in the hunting and sport shooting genres, women’s programs have been noticeably absent in our community at large.

The CCFR introduced a Women of the CCFR program nearing the end of 2015 and to date we have implemented 9 ladies events, from range days to a guided goose hunt. The program is headed up by Kelly Wheaton, VP of Women’s Programming and a Project Mapleseed instructor with a passion for introducing new female shooters to the shooting sports. “Women are more open to trying something that may have been intimidating before, when introduced to it by another woman. Our ladies events have evolved into the most epic girls day out type of events ever”, said Wheaton.

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The Liberal’s Anti Gun Echo Chamber


Via Email by the CSSA

The Trudeau government’s echo chamber on gun control insists disarming civilians will stop violent crime. That’s the problem with echo chambers – those inside the chamber hear only those opinions they already agree with – they can’t hear anything else.

That deafness only intensifies when governments appoint fellow echo chamber members to “advise” them, as with the federal Department of Public Safety’s Firearms Advisory Committee.

Ralph Goodale, in appointing members to his “new and improved” Firearms Advisory Committee, ensured the committee would tell him what Trudeau’s government wanted to hear. And what the Trudeau Liberals want to hear is their 2015 election platform of lies echoed back to them.

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FBI: 4 Times More People Murdered with Knives than with Rifles of Any Kind


By AWR Hawkins Via Breibart

The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for 2016 shows more than four times as many people were stabbed to death than were killed with rifles of any kind.

And because the category of rifles covers every type of rifle, this means there would be an even greater divide between the number of people stabbed to death versus those shot to death with an AR-15 or similar rifle.

According to FBI: UCR Table 12, there were approximately 374 people shot and killed with rifles of any kind. There were 1,604 people killed with “knives or cutting instruments.”

Table 12 also shows that more people were killed via the use of “hands, fists, feet, etc.,” than were killed by rifles of any kind. In fact, the tally shows that the death numbers were not even close. While approximately 374 people were shot and killed with rifles, roughly 656 people were beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.”

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Liberal’s to Introduce New Firearms Legislation


Via email from the CSSA

Nothing stops violent criminals from getting guns faster than an army of paper-pushing Ottawa bureaucrats. That’s the word from Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. New Liberal gun control laws are coming, just as we predicted two years ago.

The new Firearms Advisory Committee is in place.They are hard at work at examining other ideas and I would expect to have a legislative package consistent with the commitments that we made during the election campaign with respect to firearms before the House of Commons before the end of the year.quoted a spokesperson for Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale to CSSA’s Tony Bernardo early last week.

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Bump Stock Ban Opposed By GOA


Via Gun Owners of America

Written by Judson Berger, Fox News

Bump stock’ ban opposed by Gun Owners of America, despite NRA stance.

“Gun Owners of America opposes a ban on bump stocks,” Executive Director Erich Pratt said in a statement, noting that the Obama administration’s ATF allowed the devices “to help gun owners with disabilities fire their weapons.”

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NRA Caves on “Bump Fire Stocks”


Via Zerohedge

Following the tragic events in Las Vegas, which were seemingly made even worse by a product that most people didn’t even know existed a couple of days ago, and ramped-up calls for new gun restrictions from Democrats, the National Rifle Association has just caved and called for “additional regulations” on “bump fire stocks” which effectively serve to allow semi-automatic weapons to function as fully-automatic. 

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Quebec’s Long Gun Registry


By Bob Bush Via The CCFR

The CCFR is pleased to share a member’s opinion piece, submitted to the CCFR by Bob Bush from Quebec. If you have a submission you would like considered please forward to


THE GOVERMENT RELEASES A FIRST DRAFT                                                  

“At this point in time, this issue has long gone beyond the mere question of firearms and becomes rather a stubborn desire on the Quebec’s government part to (hypocritically) waste the money of ALL taxpayers. This registry isn’t even in operation yet, but has already cost taxes payers around $100M in various expenses such as the Supreme Court appeal, parliamentary committee, and so on. A real Liberal open bar!”  ~Bob Bush, Quebec

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CCFR ATIP-CFAC Meeting Documents

Via the CCFR


Earlier this year, gun owners across the country watched in disappointment as Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale appointed members to his very one-sided Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee (CFAC). The Liberals had dismantled the original CFAC Team appointed by the Tories, claiming they had created a biased pro-gun committee. Canadian gun owners had hoped that Goodale would keep his promise of a balanced, fair panel.

That promise has been broken. 

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Via the CCFR

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has filled 10 of the 15 available seats on the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee. Gun owners across the country are anxious to find out if they will have any representation at all. So far, the panel falls so short of the middle ground that it leans heavy to one side. 5 of the 10 members belong to organizations under the umbrella of the Coalition for Gun Control and Nathalie Provost, a registered lobbyist for Poly Remembers is seated as Vice Chair to the committee, tasked with advising the Minister on issues surrounding the firearms file.

We have submitted two names for consideration to membership on CFAC; Tracey Wilson (unofficially) as a representative for women in our sport and Rod Giltaca (officially) as a certified instructor, an RCMP trainer, someone who has ran almost 4000 people through the CFSC and an actual expert in this field. Public Safety refused both without even an interview.


As a result, Tracey Wilson initiated a Parliamentary E-Petition, sponsored by Conservative Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel asking Minister Goodale to provide his panel with, at the very least, the bare minimum knowledge gained from the Canadian Firearm Safety Course. The classroom course delves into regulations, storage regs, transport regs, operational information and the Firearms Act. This invaluable information gives students a base upon which to build their knowledge surrounding firearms and their uses and ownership in Canada.

Journalist Andrew Lawton wrote an article for Global News after an interview with Wilson regarding this issue.

Read the article here

Lawton received a response from Goodale’s office on their opinion of the petition (regarding Nathalie Provost-Vice Chair);

“It would be insensitive and inappropriate to require a survivor of the Polytechnique shootings to work with firearms in order to serve on CFAC. [To obtain a Possession and Acquisition Licence, you are required to pass a Canadian Firearms Safety Course. While this is classroom-based, it involves handling disabled and inert firearms and ammunition]” said Scott Bardsley, Goodale’s press secretary.

Would it also not be considered insensitive and inappropriate to ask Ms. Provost to serve on a committee discussing the very issues that make it impossible for her to go to a classroom environment for education on the topic? What about the rest of the members of CFAC? Should the Minister not provide them with the tools necessary to do the very job he has tasked them with? As Wilson said in a recent radio interview, “it’s like putting a plane crash survivor in charge of an avionics panel with no pilots on it”.

Listen to the full interview here

With a committee riddled and led by anti-gun lobby supporters and the Minister refusing to either put a credible expert on the panel or educate the current members, CFAC looks like nothing more than a political construct.