Big Guns

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Zalinski Dynamite Gun




Designed by artillery lieutenant Edmund Zalinski based on one Meldford’s 1884 design, manufactured c.1894-98 for Fort Winfield, San Francisco.
Steam pressure launching a 15″ fin-stabilized fused shell filled with dynamite. The longer barrel provided enough time for the projectile to reach maximum acceleration, since the point of steam-powered launchers like this was to allow for the use of the new unstable dynamite as an explosive load without the sudden acceleration gunpowder entices, which would invariably detonate it.


Fort Casey

The Big 10″ Guns Mounted on Disappearing Carriages at Fort Casey in Washington State.

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This is one of my favorite places for a day with the family during the summer. The guns are awesome and so are the views. An incredible place for a picnic.