Dutch Auction Operational!

Welcome to our first ever Dutch Auction at www.internationalshootingsupplies.com
Details below:



Auction Rules:

We will post 12 firearms on the front page of our web store at www.internationalshootingsupplies.com. Those firearms are the only ones involved in the auction at any given time.

The prices will be lowered daily (except when the store is closed Sunday-Monday) and the firearms will remain on the front page UNTIL

A) They are sold or
B) They hit a reserve price set and known by me (the auctioneer).

At which point they will be removed from the webstore. We will add new firearms to the auction as firearms are either sold or hit their reserve price and are removed.

A firearm is only considered SOLD once we have your payment method in hand. The best way to do this is to PHONE US at 604-588-7513 if you intend to buy. You can submit an intent to buy through the webstore but that forces us to contact you for your PAL and payment information which means that the firearm remains for sale until we have your information in hand.

There are no layaways, holds or rain checks for auction items.

All firearms are NEW SHELF MODELS. If you are concerned about condition please request photos before committing to anything. Most of the firearms are pretty flawless for shelf models but a few will have some small imperfections.

All sales are final.


The Auction begins today Wednesday March 13th, 2019. It ends when I run out of firearms to add. 🙂

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Scott – The Auctioneer

SHOT Show Sale

boss is gone 2019 shot sale (003)


Here are a few specials for you to go along with SHOT show this year.

The AE 223 and PMags will be listed online at their discounted prices. The firearms and optics will be listed at retail and discounted at the till when processed (we process credit cards in store – the online system reserves product and sends us your contact information but does not process your card until we take your order to the till physically). There are simply too many of those items for us to manually flip everything on our old web site the morning of the sale as each item has to be done individually. A new web site is in the works that will work more efficiently.

As always – we appreciate your business!