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Safari Booking Services

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We are now offering booking services for your African safari experience.

Our outfitter, J.P. Kleinhans Safaris, is Craig Boddington approved and has a long and excellent reputation for guiding hunters in the Eastern Cape and Karoo region of South Africa. He also has excellent quality buffalo in his Mozambique territory as well. My hunting partner has hunted with him twice. Overall reviews are excellent.


What can we offer you?

Whether this is your first or fifth or tenth safari we are here to help you. Our services are free of charge and here is what we can provide for you:

  • Setting up a timeline, ‘to bring’ list and ‘to do’ list to get you prepared for the trip.
  • Navigating the permit process to get your rifle and ammunition to South Africa from Canada.
  • Advising you on some of the medical preparations involved in going to an African country.
  • Educating you about some of the customs involved in Safari and in South African culture in general.
  • Advice on dealing with your trophies after the hunt and in getting them back to Canada.
  • US Inquiries are welcome!


Prices are in US$

Species Price (USD) Species Price (USD)
Blesbok $450 Cape Kudu $1200
White Blesbok $700 Greater Kudu $1700
Bontebok $3000 Waterbuck $2450
Baboon $200 Nyala $2500
Bush Pig $500 Ostrich $700
Cape Bushbuck $750 Mountain Reedbuck $450
Grey Duiker $300 Common Reedbuck $1200
Blue Duiker $1400 Gemsbok $1250
Cape Springbok $300 Cape Grysbok $1100
Black Springbok $550 Fallow  Deer $800
White Springbok $950 Red Hartebeest $1150
Copper Springbok $1700 Impala $450
Burchell’s Zebra $1400 Klipspringer $1200
Black Wildebeest $1100 Warthog $650
Blue Wildebeest $1000 Cape Eland $2650
Sable $7000 Steenbuck $300
Vaal Rhebuck $1500 Vervet Monkey Free
Red Lechwe $3000
Burchell’s Zebra
Item Daily Rate (USD)
1 Client x 1 PH $350/day
2 Clients x 1 PH $275/day
Observer $200/day
Rifle Hire $20 per day
Children (under 12) No Charge
Dip & Pack SMALL $40
ALL HUNTS STARTING FROM PORT ELIZABETH AND RETURN TRANSPORT WILL BE INCLUDED AT NO COST ON ALL HUNTS .There is no charge for Dip & Pack if taxidermy is performed by J.P. Kleinhans Studio.

14% VAT (Value Added Tax) is INCLUDED in all prices.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

JP in his Mozambique Territory


The Lodge in The Eastern Cape




Hunting in JP’s Territories:


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