iPolitics Misleads Canadians Again


Via Email from the CSSA

iPolitics misleads Canadians again, starting with the headline “Handgun ownership soared after long-gun registry ended, gun crime followed.”[i]

Handgun ownership did not “soar” after the long gun registry ended. Canadians have purchased more restricted firearms (handguns and certain rifles) every year and have done so since at least 2003.[ii]

This headline implies increased lawful ownership of firearms is the cause of violent crime. No such causation exists as researcher Dr. Caillin Langmann showed in his submission[iii] to the House of Commons committee studying Bill C-71.

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Environics Poll regarding a ban of Semi-Automatic Firearms is BUNK


Via Email from the CSSA

On March 9, 2018, the day after Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s National Guns and Gangs Summit, anti-gun lobby group PolySeSouvient released “proof” 63% of Canadian gun owners support banning semi-automatic firearms. In reality, anti-gun polling firm Environics delivered the lie their client paid for: “a majority of firearm owners” support banning guns.

The Environics survey shows only 159 of 1,510 total poll respondents own firearms. Of those 159 self-identified gun owners, 131 supported a gun ban (33 “somewhat agree”, 98 “strongly agree”).

On March 9 & 10, the CSSA polled our membership, subscribers to our weekly CSSA E-News and firearms owners on Facebook. We asked a simple, Yes or No question.

Do you support a ban on semi-automatic firearms?

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Media continues to push the lie that “most crime guns are domestically sourced”


Via email from the CSSA

On January 13, 2018, a bullet fired from a drug dealer’s gun ended 15-year-old Alfred Wong’s life. He died in the back seat of his parents’ vehicle as it traveled down Broadway near Ontario Street, another tragic victim of Vancouver’s ongoing drug trade turf wars.

Our hearts, prayers and condolences go out to Alfred Wong’s family as they cope with the death of their son and the horror now permanently etched on their hearts.

The Province reports known drug dealer Kevin Whiteside, the intended target, has prior firearms convictions and a court-ordered lifetime firearms prohibition order registered against him. On the day he died, Whiteside violated that firearms prohibition order, shooting back at his own killer.

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Media FAIL: The Responsibility to Tell the Truth


Via Email from the CSSA

What is an “assault rifle?”

According to the lamestream media, it’s any black rifle in civilian hands. 

Civilian firearms are particularly heinous when their cosmetic exterior mimics the AR-15 or AK-47, even if they shoot .22LR calibre bullets and share no physical components with those rifles.

The media asserts police are the experts when it comes to firearms.Taking them at their word, we turn to acknowledged firearm expert David Brown. Brown is a firearms safety specialist and professional instructor. He works primarily with government agencies, law enforcement officers and military units on weapons handling, safety and marksmanship.

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Where Did It Go?

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Poll

Via the CCFR

Yesterday CTV Montreal posted an online poll asking the same question as the very controversial Ekos gun poll, asking participants if they support an all-out ban on firearms in urban centres. Canadians including gun owners jumped at the chance to have their voices heard and the post received a great deal of attention. Gradually the “yes’s” were overcome by the “no’s”.

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