The Canadian firearms community is ambushed –– again!


Via Email from the CSSA

This was a more-than-interesting week. We saw the most amazing of deflections by veteran Mayor John Tory, who turned the public’s gaze away from his impotent efforts to control gang crime while firmly locking the media’s sights upon the innocent legal firearm owners of Canada.

We saw federal politicians dive for cover. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale mumbled something about, “we’ll look into it (gun banning).” The other parties seemingly kept their powder dry as they waited for the news cycle to complete. Meanwhile, the rest of the country mourned the injury of 13 innocents and the tragic loss of two beautiful young ladies, sparkling with potential, at the hands of a madman with an illegal gun.

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SPECIAL REPORT – Bill C-71 Another Liberal Betrayal of Canadians


Via Email from the CSSA

Bill C-71 has been introduced and the CSSA was there. We have had a chance to run through many of the provisions of this bill and the bill contains more pitfalls than initial examination makes apparent.

Firstly, this is not a good bill for Canada’s firearms owners. In fact, it stinks. Many of the provisions turn the future of firearms ownership from uphill to downhill. This bill is insidious, enabling traps and entanglements for future users.

The following are some of our observations. They are by no means complete. Items will also be added as the tangles unravel.

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Via the CCFR

Ottawa, March 20, 2018

** for immediate release

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights was on Parliament Hill for the tabling of the federal Liberal government’s new firearm legislation, Bill C-71 and attended the Minister’s technical briefing.

Minister Goodale met with stakeholders and experts from across the country weeks ago at the Summit on Gun & Gang Violence to look at ways to combat the ever-growing issue of gang crime plaguing our nation. While we support the Minister’s efforts to look at the actual public safety risks of gang violence, we are left wondering why this bill literally only affects Canada’s most vetted, proven-safe citizens, legal firearms owners.


Environics Poll regarding a ban of Semi-Automatic Firearms is BUNK


Via Email from the CSSA

On March 9, 2018, the day after Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s National Guns and Gangs Summit, anti-gun lobby group PolySeSouvient released “proof” 63% of Canadian gun owners support banning semi-automatic firearms. In reality, anti-gun polling firm Environics delivered the lie their client paid for: “a majority of firearm owners” support banning guns.

The Environics survey shows only 159 of 1,510 total poll respondents own firearms. Of those 159 self-identified gun owners, 131 supported a gun ban (33 “somewhat agree”, 98 “strongly agree”).

On March 9 & 10, the CSSA polled our membership, subscribers to our weekly CSSA E-News and firearms owners on Facebook. We asked a simple, Yes or No question.

Do you support a ban on semi-automatic firearms?

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