Ottawa’s National Summit on Guns, Gangs and Drugs


Via email from the CSSA

When Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced his Criminal Guns and Gangs Summit late last year, it was part of his $328 million funding announcement aimed at combating the illegal drug trade and the gangs who shoot up our city streets to protect that trade.

We said then, if Goodale targets drug dealers and violent criminals, fantastic. If his plan is to disarm violent criminals in those gangs, even better. The problem we face is this –– Ottawa and police forces across the nation continue to peddle the lie “the majority” of guns used in crime are “domestically sourced.”

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Of Grace Periods, Guns & Gangs and the Liberal Government’s Gun Control Agenda


Via Email from the CSSA

The first announcement was the (almost) unexpected gazetting of Section 14 of the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act (CSFLA) (C-42), which implemented a 6-month grace period for expired firearms licences. We say unexpected because the Trudeau Liberals campaigned against Bill C-42 during the 2015 federal election.

The second announcement doled out $327 million to police and border services to combat illegal guns and gangs. We support this initiative – albeit with one important caveat – the money is actually spent on efforts targeting criminal gangs and those who commit violent acts with firearms, and NOT targeting licenced, law-abiding firearm owners.

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