Pre-sale on the SLR Coyote

Pre-sale on the SLR Coyote

Secure yours now with a $250 deposit.

“Black Creek Labs and Maccabee Defense Inc., collaborate to offer the ‘SLR Coyote’
a non-restricted, 18.6” barrel, 5.56 calibre, semi-automatic rifle.…
The SLR Coyote is made from a standard Maccabee SLR lower receiver, but it has been mated with a
Black Creek Coyote upper receiver. The SLR mating system creates a more stable receiver platform
and the Coyote dualithic upper receiver creates a true free-float rail to receiver mating system,
giving the SLR Coyote the potential to be one of the most accurate 5.56 semi-automatics available

First shipment should be the start of April.  Call the store at 604-588-7513 or send email to sales@internationalshooting  And go…