Ottawa’s National Summit on Guns, Gangs and Drugs


Via email from the CSSA

When Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced his Criminal Guns and Gangs Summit late last year, it was part of his $328 million funding announcement aimed at combating the illegal drug trade and the gangs who shoot up our city streets to protect that trade.

We said then, if Goodale targets drug dealers and violent criminals, fantastic. If his plan is to disarm violent criminals in those gangs, even better. The problem we face is this –– Ottawa and police forces across the nation continue to peddle the lie “the majority” of guns used in crime are “domestically sourced.”

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Bill C-42 Six Month Grace Period Comes Into Force



Via Email from the CSSA

A provision contained in Bill-C42, the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act, was Gazetted today, The government announced its intention to enact the Six-Month Grace Period for expired licenses on November 30, 2017.

This progressive provision, developed by former Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney, the CSSA and the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee, establishes a six-month Grace Period for firearms licence holders that inadvertently fail to renew their licences on time.

Importantly, this provision permits the individual to renew without being in criminal possession of firearms they already own, prevents the loss of Grandfathering rights and provides reasonable reminders to encourage the individual to renew in a timely manner.

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Canadian Firearms Marking Regulation: Deferred but Far From Done


Via Email from the CSAAA

This spring the Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, announced the deferral of the Canadian Firearms Marking Regulation until December 2018.  Goodale stated the 10-year-old regulation needed updating before coming into effect [get proper quote].  The announcement came following significant push-back from the CSAAA and industry members regarding the potential negative economic impact on the small businesses that make up the shooting sports industry in Canada.

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